Hello everyone. I was a somewhat active poster here a few years ago. Currently I mostly post on the Chess Federation of Canada's forum or Chesstalk which has just gone through an ownership change and is currently sorting out many technical glitches. I was debating posting on Chesstalk and thought back to this forum and decided to check and see how things were going here. I still play chess. I still teach chess and am actively involved in organizing and Canadian chess politics. In the summer of 2016, I organized three tournaments that had a total of 750 participants give or take a handful. My top student is rated 2360 Canadian and is the reigning under 14 Canadian Youth Champion.

I have taken a back seat to others in the local community for the last two years and it slowed the region's results. We had two Canadian Champions in 2017 for the first time but we didn't have as much of a supporting cast as usually we have between three and five kids finish in the top three. Most of the group which was very successful for many years has moved on to high school and have less time for chess though both the champions came from our original group of kids which dominated the local scene from 2010 to 2015.

I still play chess myself and still study usually with a view to teaching what I have just learned. I have won money in two of my last three tournaments so I can still occasionally put some good games together. I have been having health problems which necessitate medications which make it impossible to play reasonably well so when I play I discontinue my meds for a weekend and still show shadows of my old self.