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Turn based(correspondence)site "reviews"

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  • Turn based(correspondence)site "reviews"

    In this thread you will find information about a lot of correspondence chess websites.

    This thread is an
    explicit exception on the non-self-deletion policy established on this forum.

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  • #2
    I returned to chess in 2004 after a 12 year hiatus and played on a lot of sites before settling on the most suitable for me, so Ill be interested in your reviews.
    The Hoppers


    • #3
      I played Queenalice for a long time too and was real happy with it. It's no frills, just good correspondence chess. Now I'd be inclined to try just because it seems like the most active.


      • #4
        Last post I could see on chess maniacs forum was in 2005.


        Originally posted by ketchuplover
        You must be looking in the wrong place imo.
        Perhaps I was. Sorry.
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          That's a lot of correspondence sites...

          Thank you ketchuplover


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            Another good site for bunny bashing is Plasticbishop. I was +14 -0 =0 there, including 9 wins under 20 moves, three of which were only 5-movers.
            The Hoppers


            • #7
              Quantum Gambitz.COM free online play ..
              with a solid rating system..if your USCF 2000+ you qualify for QM title~
              (no need going up the ladder from 1200/Floor rating..never go lower than 2000)
              most people who play make move(s)..daily


              • #8

                I recently created my own site to play chess, but also variants, and others games like pente, gomoku,...
                The site is totally functional, even if I'm gonna add new games, new chessvariants, new layouts, more player search possibilities and filter and so on.
                There is a free membership with allow the player to play up to 20 games at the same time, without any restriction concerning the number of moves per day...
                problem, is that there is not so many active players yet, but I count to develop this part too.
                However, feel free to try it and have a game with me (dragonheels) or my wife (sofiaheels).
                it's not mentioned on the site, but in order to get a solid basis of regular player, we have a promo for now, offering lifetime membership for 12 euros, quite nothing.
                Otherwise, it will be 12 euro a year. At the beginning. With time we'll see

                But free members are most welciome too of course, so please do not hesitate to have a look

                Blocked??? Strange!
                Any message or copy of screen?
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                  I believe there's a typo in your link.


                  "Don't be afraid of ghosts! Always play the moves you want to play unless you see a genuine tactical drawback." --Grandmaster Neil McDonald


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                    Thnaks for pointing it Fromper.

                    I've just seen you!
                    Invitations accepted Let's go!

                    Exactly, seeking for more.
                    And if anybody has an ideas to help it become a bit more known...

                    Originally posted by ketchuplover
                    The first thing that comes to mind is google and/or other such sites. Also if you belong to other forums(and this one) put a link in your signature. I mentioned your site at but I wouldn't bet on anyone seeing it.
                    thanks a lot anyway for mentioning
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                    • #11
                      No sir, thank you.

                      I used to play at but the use of software ruined that for me.
                      Once in awhile I'll pop in to QueenAlice for a tourney now and then, but I mostly play OTB.
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                        Originally posted by ketchuplover
                        Someone sent me a message on that they learned of that site through this thread

                        Originally posted by BadKarma
                        That was me sir!!!!
                        whats your screen name on dragonheelslair, so i can invite you for a game?
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                          We now have over 80 posts concerning playing sites. Would it be possible to summarize things as far as best sites to play on (free). And good forums?



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                            I've looked around this thread and ChessCube is not on here.

                            A couple people from are on, and IMO the site is great.
                            Brick walls hurt, but are effective for banging against repeatedly. For future reference, cardboard walls are fun too.

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                            • #15
                              Hi Ketchup.

                              Is there a reason you've not included the ICCF or IECC?
                              "The most significant contribution to civilization since the invention of the wheel" Irving Chernev, on castling.