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(14a) The following international treaties apply:
-Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Berne Convention) (Berne, 1886)
-Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) (Geneva, 1952)
-Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) (Marrakesh, 1994)
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2016 World Chess Championship...

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  • 2016 World Chess Championship...

    starts soon. Enjoy!
    I float like a pawn island and sting like an ignored knight

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    Karjakin takes game 8 to lead 4.5 to 3.5
    I float like a pawn island and sting like an ignored knight


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      And now we are equal.


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        I'm awestruck with the magnitude of indifference which "game" 12 presents.

        No sport. No science, and resolutely no art.

        No chess, either.

        Shame, shame, shame.

        UPDATE: At least the match organizers have decided to allow the people who paid money to buy tickets to this 35 min. wonder of a non-chess game to attend the tie-break on Wednesday for free--the tickets will still be considered valid.

        I'd suggest that they forego the necessity of tie-breaks and just have Magnus and Sergei each throw a dart at a board and highest number wins. Why pretend it's about chess anymore?
        Last edited by Celadonite; 11-28-2016, 11:25 PM.
        "They work at the pace of amnesia."--M. Bloch


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          Yep, pretty boring stuff, so far.
          Alexander Alekhine is my chess hero.

          An eerie chess short story: The Empty Chair

          My newest chess story: Gamble: A Supernatural Chess Tale


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            Boring can be forgiven but 'game' 12, in context of being the final game of a world championship, seems majestically contemptuous of the spirit of chess itself.

            It seems contemptuous of the millions of chess-players worldwide dutifully paying dues to their national chess organizations, who then dump money into FIDE's coffers.

            It seems contemptuous of the spectators who''d paid money and spent time coming to the venue anticipating witnessing an exemplar of grandmaster chess.

            It seems contemptuous of the very concept of "World Champion".

            The White player seems to have been the driving force behind this display of manifold contempt for chess, chess-players, and chess culture which is 'game' 12 of the 2016 World Chess Championship.

            'Game' 12 seems a case of putting considerations regarding one's relative chances for retaining the title of "World Champion" via the vehicle of rapid as compared to classic chess before the dignity of one's position as "World Champion". Which some will consider to be on par with Fischer's ignoble refusal to defend his title, or Staunton's constant ducking of Morphy's challenge.

            "To play for a draw, at any rate with white, is to some degree a crime against chess." - Mikhail Tal

            Trebly so, one would think, in the final game of a world championship.

            One must applaud the decision of the organizers to allow the patrons of chess who attended 'game' 12 to use their tickets to attend Wednesday's "tie-breaker". This decision seems the most noble occurrence of the entire 2016 World Chess Championship. Hopefully the organizers will as graciously refund the ticket prices to those patrons who, disgusted by the ignoble display of 'game' 12, no longer wish to invest their time in viewing this particular "championship'' by attending Wednesday's event.

            Karjakin, whether he wins this championship or not, seems to have behaved admirably throughout the Championship, without ignoring reporters or throwing a temper tantrum (one is tempted to say "like a 3 year old") and walking out of a press conference he'd been contracted to attend. And, having played Black in 'game' 12, he may have accepted the draw, but certainly didn't instigate the craven conditions leading to it.

            Last edited by Celadonite; 11-29-2016, 12:26 PM.
            "They work at the pace of amnesia."--M. Bloch