They are still in business, though far fewer vendors carry their products.

In recent years I bought them through the soon to be defunct Chess Cafe, USCF and Chess Informant.

Chess Cafe will be history pretty soon. They have a few Chess Informants and some of those are heavily discounted. I bought some Informants from them about 1 year ago. I recently and for the last time bought a set and a book. I strongly advise people to use paypal as the direct credit card transactions are not safe.

USCF is not too bad. They are a little slow and mail coming out of the south is not always as quick as it was from New York. Most likely the cheapest option and they do send the Informant in a mylar bag.

By far the most efficient is directly from Chess Informant. It leaves Serbia within a couple days (if you send it on Saturday) or less. They send it via DHL world wide. I live in Hawaii so it gets to me in a week. Three days for most everyone else. Free shipping if the amount is over $99.