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Kamsky vs Nakamura

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  • Kamsky vs Nakamura

    I have been watching the STL Chess Club match. every time Nakamura would make a forceful move, he would get up & leave the board as if to say I gotcha! I look at this as very poor Sportsmanship on Nakamura"s part. If I were Gata I would play even harder to beat him. What is your take on this?

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    I think you're taking it too personally. Getting up in any game is more of a way of relieving your eyes. And I have doubts that Naka would disrespect Gata, maybe they have a bit of a rivalry, but I wouldn't think it's anything like we should believe Naka has bad sportsmanship. Maybe focusing more on the game would take your mind off of thinking people are unsportsmanlike.;-) Even when you are a spectator.
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      A lot of chess is the psych stuff, and I say do all that’s legal and at your disposal. We know Naka is a cocky kid, so it really comes as no surprise. He’s also very, very good.
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        It was fun when these two used to play at The Marshall.

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          Old Ben Franklin, in his essay, "The Morals of Chess" had this to say about similiar activities:

          "If your adversary is long in playing, you ought not to hurry him, or express any uneasiness at his delay, not even by looking at your watch, or taking up a book to read; you should not sing, nor whistle, nor make a tapping with your feet on the floor, or with your fingers on the table, nor do anything that may distract his attention, for all these things displease, and they do not prove your skill in playing, but your craftiness and your rudeness. from: Ben Franklin

          Or course, players nowadays are far too post-modern to be concerned about such niceties of behavior and sportsmanship.

          On the other hand, nothing in the rules precludes a player from getting up, as you say Nakamura does, and walking around.

          My guess is that he's "thinking on his feet", and not in any way intentionally trying to be rude or unsportsmanlike. I've read interviews with a couple masters where they mention how they often walk around after having made a difficult move, fully immersed within their mind in the play of the game. One mentioned his constant underlying fear that someone would attempt to talk to him as he walked around thusly, derailing the train of his thought.

          I doubt Naka's being intentionally rude, but simply strolling as he's mentally parsing eventualities. Such movement helps many thinkers by releasing physical energy and stress.
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            Unless it's a particularly short game, I'll get up and walk around too. Helps refresh the mind and all.. and prevents you from falling asleep! (be it figuratively or literally )

            Makes perfect sense to stroll when you just made a powerful move. I often leave the board after transitioning into the middlegame and endgame.

            Most amusing thing that happened to me was a guy walking off at the same time I got up. He thought it was my move while his clock was ticking down from about 7-8 mins. I sat back down some five minutes later having plenty of time and basically sat there on my own while his flag fell in his absence. The flabbergasted young man returned quickly after that, not seeing a new move on the board from my part and his clock run empty. "When you've got to go, you've got to go" as the saying goes.
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                A whole lot of that is assumption, too, because maybe he was following another really interesting game and after he moved, he just wanted to get up quickly and see where the players were.

                I’ll never in my life pretend to know what goes on in a world-class chess mind, other than chess itself, of course. I do, however, find it a bit funny that no 1400 makes waves if he/she gets up after a really good or bad move.

                It’s all relative.
                Alexander Alekhine is my chess hero.

                An eerie chess short story: The Empty Chair

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