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Discussions on politics in chess organisations and the way politics affect chess are allowed.
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(7) These rules apply to forum posts as well as private messages (PMs).
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(10) Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstance.
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Bittorrent links are not allowed.
(14a) The following international treaties apply:
-Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Berne Convention) (Berne, 1886)
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How to use the PGN Viewer and FEN Tool

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  • Perseus
    started a topic How to use the PGN Viewer and FEN Tool

    How to use the PGN Viewer and FEN Tool

    Use of the PGN Viewer
    - First of all, you need a .pgn file of the game(s) you wish to attach to the post in the PGN Viewer. Most chess software can create .pgn files.
    - Click the “new reply”. You can find it both at the top and at the bottom of a thread. Clicking
    new reply” gets you into the advanced mode, which has all the bells and whistles.

    - Alternatively, you can use the “quick reply” box beneath the thread and click “go advanced”, this gets you into advanced mode as well. Whatever you type in the “quick reply” box will still be there if you click “go advanced”.
    - Start or continue typing your post, when you’re done, scroll down.
    - Beneath the text box and the “reply” and “preview” buttons are is a section called “additional options”. A few checkboxes with options to display your signature and disable smilies among other things. Under these “miscelaneous options” is “attach files”. Under “attach files” is a button that says “manage attachment”, click it.
    - A “manage attachments” window will pop up. You’ll be attaching a .pgn file to the post. Click “browse” and browse towards the .pgn file in question and doubleclick it.
    - In the text bar under “upload a file from your computer” you’ll now see the address of the .pgn file on your computer. Click the top “upload” button.
    - The file is uploaded to the forum, and will typically be done uploading nearly immediately. Notice that there’s now a section called “current attachments” with the filesize of said attachments behind it. Notice also the “remove” button behind each attached file. You can remove the attachment from your post by clicking that.
    - When you’ve uploaded the .pgn file and it shows up under current attachments, you can close the attachments screen either by clicking the X in the top right corner or by scrolling down and clicking “close this window”.
    - Click “submit reply” and see the result.

    - Right, that should thoroughly cover it, if you’ve any questions, send me a PM and I’ll get back to you when I’m able and add to this thread to cover the question also. I’ve locked down this thread to keep it tidy.
    - I create my .pgn files with Winboard, which is free and lightweight. Chessbase and Chessmaster can be used for this purpose too of course. Chess Position Trainer can create .pgn files, though it was never intended as game viewer. My favourite tool to create .pgn files is notepad(!) however.
    - You may receive a warning that your tags aren’t set up properly. That sort of thing is liable to happen if you manually create a .pgn file in a text editor. It isn’t a big problem, the games will still display, but please fix your .pgn file, that red error message is a little irritating.
    - You may receive a warning that the game contains illegal moves. This can be a consequence of manual creation in a text editor, as it was for me, I’d not spaced out the games correctly and it was using the movelist of game 2 as a continuation of game 1.
    - The size limit for .pgn files is 97.7KB, which should be plenty because .pgn files are very small.
    - If you’re looking for analysis/annotation for one of your games, post your .pgn file as text. The PGN Viewer, though a neat tool to view chessgames, does not currently have an option to download the displayed .pgn file. The ability to copy the content of your .pgn file directly into a game viewer saves annotators a lot of time; so always post the .pgn files contents as well when requesting annotation, thank you!

  • Perseus
    Using the FEN Tool
    - Click on “new reply”. You can find it both at the top and at the bottom of a thread. Clicking “new reply” gets you into the advanced mode, which has all the bells and whistles.
    - Alternatively, you can use the “quick reply” box beneath the thread and click “go advanced”, this gets you into advanced mode as well. Whatever you type in the “quick reply” box will still be there if you click “go advanced”.
    - Above the text box there is a bar with a lot of buttons. To the far right are two buttons with "FEN" written on them. If you hover over them, the tooltip will say what they do. The left FEN button (with the piece of board on it) says "Create a FEN diagram". The right (blank) FEN button says "Wrap {FEN} tags around selected text.
    - Click on the left FEN button. A screen pops up with this address:
    - Setup your board position in the screen that just popped up. Click to place a piece, double click to empty the square. You can set castle rights, whose move it is, reset the board (to starting positiOn), empty the board, setup any position you like. When you are done, do not close the window of the FEN tool and do not click finished, which ends up doing the same.
    - Below the clear board and reset board buttons is a line that contains the FEN code of the exact position on the board. As you change the position on the board, the FEN tool automatically updates the code.
    - Select and copy the entire FEN code. You can close the FEN tool window now.
    - Paste the FEN code into your post.
    - Select the entire FEN code in your post and click on the right FEN button. This wraps your FEN code in FEN tags, so the forum recognizes it as a FEN board position and displays a board.
    - Finish up your post and click "submit reply" and watch the result.

    - It's probably easiest to copy over a FEN board position from a chess application. Like I said, pretty much every piece of software has such an option.
    - You can manually wrap a FEN code in FEN tags: {FEN}rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1{/FEN}. Instead of { and } use [ and ].
    - You could also manually create a FEN board position, but it's probably easiest to do it with the FEN tool or software.
    - Don't click on 'reverse board'. While it will reverse the positioning of the pieces on the board, the board itself will not reverse along with the pieces.
    - This might seem obvious, but it's possible to put two (or more) diagrams right next to eachother if need be.

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