I've been looking at a data base and noticed that for non masters the kid presents problems for 1.d4 players. I think part of the issue is that black has the stronger kingside and white plays queenside. It is only natural that a kingside attack will do better than a queenside at lower levels.

The catalan kind of messes things up for black. Now white has a strong kingside presence and the white sqared bishop isn't biting on a diamond of pawns.

Catalan is also a good setup for any dutch.

Drawback for higher level players is that it is a bit drawish, I am guessing vecause it is so slow to develop. For me at this moment, draws are rare indeed.

Anything I should be concerned about with the catalan?

As of late I've been playing queens gambit as white for d5 and smyslov defense against kid slas grunfeld type defences.