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Most insanely aggressive openings

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  • #46
    Well, it'd be BxN and then de, right?
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    • #47
      Does anyone know of a more "insanely aggressive opening" than the Danish as White, and the BDG?

      Today has not been my best-ever day of chess--I lost something like four in a row.

      Throwing caution to the wind, as my blood-sugar was obviously hopeless, I opted for the Danish Gambit as White, twice..won both times.

      Not saying this is good chess, but it's illustrative of how utterly vicious the Danish Gambit can be in those games where it gets traction and doesn't go down in flames: "insanely aggressive".

      Here's the better game from today, names changed appropriately, which featured a KILLER Windmill, a detail that doesn't always occur in a game:

      [Event "unrated standard match"]
      [Site "Free Internet Chess Server"]
      [Date "2015.05.30"]
      [Round "?"]
      [White "Cel"]
      [Black "Other Guy"]
      [Result "1-0"]
      [WhiteElo "-"]
      [BlackElo "-"]
      [ECO "C21"]
      [TimeControl "900"]

      1. e4 {[%clk 0:15:00]} e5 {[%clk 0:15:00]} 2. d4 {[%clk 0:14:58]} exd4 {[%clk
      0:14:58]} 3. c3 {[%clk 0:14:57]} dxc3 {[%clk 0:14:50]} 4. Nxc3 {[%clk
      0:14:56]} Nf6 {[%clk 0:14:43]} 5. Be2 {[%clk 0:14:48]} Bb4 {[%clk 0:14:36]}
      6. e5 {[%clk 0:14:45]} Ne4 {[%clk 0:14:29]} 7. Bd2 {[%clk 0:14:35]} Bxc3
      {[%clk 0:14:05]} 8. bxc3 {[%clk 0:14:23]} O-O {[%clk 0:13:36]} 9. Bd3 {[%clk
      0:14:13]} Nc5 {[%clk 0:13:31]} 10. Qc2 {[%clk 0:14:07]} Qh4 {[%clk 0:13:19]}
      11. Nf3 {[%clk 0:13:59]} Nxd3+ {[%clk 0:13:02]} 12. Qxd3 {[%clk 0:13:56]} Qh5
      {[%clk 0:12:54]} 13. Ng5 {[%clk 0:13:33]} g6 {[%clk 0:12:36]} 14. Qf3 {[%clk
      0:13:13]} f6 {[%clk 0:12:29]} 15. Qxh5 {[%clk 0:13:10]} gxh5 {[%clk 0:12:26]}
      16. exf6 {[%clk 0:13:09]} Rxf6 {[%clk 0:12:22]} 17. O-O {[%clk 0:12:54]} d5
      {[%clk 0:12:20]} 18. Rae1 {[%clk 0:12:46]} Bf5 {[%clk 0:12:08]} 19. Re7
      {[%clk 0:12:31]} Nd7 {[%clk 0:12:01]} 20. Nf3 {[%clk 0:12:22]} Raf8 {[%clk
      0:11:48]} 21. Be3 {[%clk 0:12:17]} Be4 {[%clk 0:11:36]} 22. Bd4 {[%clk
      0:12:07]} Bxf3 {[%clk 0:11:28]} 23. gxf3 {[%clk 0:12:02]} Rxf3 {[%clk
      0:11:23]} 24. Rxd7 {[%clk 0:12:01]} R8f7 {[%clk 0:10:13]} 25. Rd8+ {[%clk
      0:11:56]} Rf8 {[%clk 0:10:05]} 26. Rd7 {[%clk 0:11:52]} h4 {[%clk 0:09:52]}
      27. Rg7+ {[%clk 0:11:50]} Kh8 {[%clk 0:09:45]} 28. Rxc7+ {[%clk 0:11:49]} Kg8
      {[%clk 0:09:41]} 29. Rg7+ {[%clk 0:11:48]} Kh8 {[%clk 0:09:34]} 30. Rxb7+
      {[%clk 0:11:47]} Kg8 {[%clk 0:09:20]} 31. Rg7+ {[%clk 0:11:45]} Kh8 {[%clk
      0:09:16]} 32. Rxa7+ {[%clk 0:11:44]} Kg8 {[%clk 0:09:12]} 33. Rg7+ {[%clk
      0:11:31]} Kh8 {[%clk 0:09:09]} 34. Rd7+ {[%clk 0:11:30]} Kg8 {[%clk 0:08:59]}
      35. Rxd5 {[%clk 0:11:28]} h6 {[%clk 0:08:45]} 36. Rh5 {[%clk 0:11:23]} Kh7
      {[%clk 0:08:43]} 37. Rxh4 {[%clk 0:11:20]} Rg8+ {[%clk 0:08:35]} 38. Kh1
      {[%clk 0:11:15]} Kg6 {[%clk 0:08:24]} 39. Be3 {[%clk 0:11:10]} Kh7 {[%clk
      0:08:16]} 40. Rxh6+ {[%clk 0:11:08]} Kg7 {[%clk 0:08:07]} 41. Rg1+ {[%clk
      0:10:57]} Kf8 {[%clk 0:07:59]} 42. Bc5+ {[%clk 0:10:50]} Ke8 {[%clk 0:07:57]}
      43. Rxg8+ {[%clk 0:10:46]} {Other Guy resigns} 1-0
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      "They work at the pace of amnesia."--M. Bloch


      • #48
        Unlike the King's Gambit, I could never score points with the Danish or the Evans. I had difficulty if my opponent didn't lose within the first 12 moves and was left with more pawns in the center.

        More aggressive? There's a myriad of aggressive ingratiations in the King's Gambit:
        Allgaier Gambit (I trust this a bit more than the Cochrane): 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nf3 g5 4 h4 g4 5 Ng5 h6 6 Nxf7
        Muzio: 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nf3 g5 4 Bc4 g4 5 O-O (good luck finding a black player to play into this).
        Keres: 1 e4 e5 2 f4 exf4 3 Nc3 Qh4+ 4 Ke2 begs black to over-extend himself.

        Speaking of over-extending, sometimes it's aggressive to ask your opponent to sac on f7. I remember in the Olympiads recently someone played the Fried Liver with Black against Shirov (what a dumb idea) and unsurprisingly lost. But this is not a bad idea in principal. Lasker used to willingly enter worse positions because he knew he could outplay his opponent in them. If it's okay for an attacker to sacrifice unsoundly but create tight-rope of defense for their opponents, why not force your opponent into a tight-rope of offensive where any misstep in conducting the initiative leaves them down material? Defense is an art too.

        Or what about the Botvinnik Semi-Slav?
        1 d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Nf3 e6 5 Bg5 dxc4 6 e4 b5 7 e5 h6 8 Bh4 g5 9 Nxg5 hxg5 10 Bxg5 Nbd7

        Early g4s, popularized by Shirov, get played in the Slav all the time:
        1 d4 d5 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Nf3 e6 5 e3 Nbd7 6 Qc2 Bd6 7 g4
        Just this month Alexander Grischuk vs Fabiano Caruana (2015) is similar.

        This is in the Philidor too:
        1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 d6 3 d4 Nf6 4 Nc3 Nbd7 5 g4

        Anything with the phrase "poisoned pawn" is probably "aggressive."

        We should also discern between what is actually aggressive and what is just impulsive.

        I don't really believe in "aggressive" openings. It's typically illogical to think you can attack from move 4 unless your opponent makes some unusual mistake. 1 g3 can be played and an exchange can be sacrificed on move 20 that creates wild complications.

        Carlsen isn't Kasparov aggressive, but he does have similarities to Nakamura: he finds constant ways to ask his opponents difficult questions. Carlsen's questions are more positional and subtle, but this is certainly aggressive chess.

        Finallly to conclude, to say "I'm an attacking player" is silly. Everyone should attack if the position demands it. Everyone should defend if the position demands it. Steinitz knew this. (I recall an old forum member, Ronaldinho, who used to say something along the lines of "If you call yourself an attacking player that just means you need to learn how to defend; if you're a defending player you need to learn how to attack." Wise fellow.)